• SMS

    Tracks incoming and outgoing sms messages. Include number, message, date and address of the GPS position.

  • Calls

    Track all incoming, outgoing and missed. Include number, call duration, date and address of the GPS position.

  • Locations

    Display the position of GPS and/or live location.

  • Save your data

    Backing up your data to PDF, Excel, CSV ...

  • And much more ...

    HTTPS, search by name, message, address ...

Warning: You agree to comply with all applicable laws in your country regarding the use of this software. You must own the device or must have the appropriate consent of the owner before the install. The user of the device must have the knowledge that you can see his/her personal data. If you install the software on a phone that you do not have or you do not have the appropriate consent, you are out of law, Remote SMS, Call & GPS Tracker will in no case be held responsible for your actions. You agree that Remote SMS, Call & GPS Tracker is not responsible for any misuse or caused damage.